Definition of Language requirement

1. Noun. A requirement that a student know certain languages.

Generic synonyms: Academic Requirement

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Literary usage of Language requirement

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Teachers College Record by Columbia University. Teachers College (1916)
"The foreign language requirement also differs from the former one which required ... The decision in each case as to the language requirement is made by the ..."

2. Education by Project Innovation (Organization) (1915)
"At the University of Indiana the language requirement for admission is two units in Greek or Latin or German or French. The statement (Cat No. 1913, p. ..."

3. Journal of Proceedings and Addresses of the ... Annual Conferences by Association of American Universities (1901)
"No foreign-language study was, however, required for admission until the year 1873, and then only one year of French. The foreign-language requirement for ..."

4. Rules and Regulations Under the Fur Products Labeling Act by DIANE Publishing Company (1998)
"(16 CFR §301.2) RULE 3 - English language requirement. All information required under the Act and Rules and Regulations to appear on labels, invoices, ..."

5. Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction: Submitting Outline Plan by Virginia Dept. of public instruction (1896)
"... foreign language requirement as follows: At the meeting in November tbe committee, after considerable discussion, moved to adopt tbe foreign language ..."

6. Korea: Progress in Implementing Regulatory Reform by Oecd (2007)
"In part, the "plain" language requirement is embodied in Article ... The Korean authorities have supported this "plain" language requirement with guidance ..."

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