Definition of Markdown

1. Noun. A reduction in price in order to stimulate sales ¹

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Definition of Markdown

1. a reduction in price [n -S]

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Literary usage of Markdown

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Europe Real Estate Yearbook 2005: Assets, Industry Trends, Market Players by Dijkman, Schiller (2005)
"The purchase was carried out with a markdown on the net asset value, with the stated purchase price being €135 million. “The markdown on the net asset value ..."

2. Budget Issues: Budgeting for Federal Insurance Programs by Christine E. Bonham, James R. McTigue, Elizabeth A. McClarin, Carlos E. Diaz (1998)
"Asset markdown models attempt to estimate the net worth of every institution in the industry. This is accomplished by (1) using asset deflators to ..."

3. Scientific Management: A Collection of the More Significant Articles edited by Clarence Bertrand Thompson (1914)
"... without it they cannot make an intelligent mark-up, nor can they know accurately the cost of markdown; and it is daily becoming more and more true that, ..."

4. Editorials and Editorial-writing by Robert Wilson Neal (1921)
"LABOR AND FALLING PRICES Fib» and Fabric No one expects a return of the prices that ruled five years ago, but there must be a general markdown all along the ..."

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