Definition of Marked-up

1. Adjective. (of a manuscript) defaced with changes. "Foul (or dirty) copy"

Exact synonyms: Dirty, Foul
Similar to: Illegible

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Literary usage of Marked-up

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Dictionary of Slang, Jargon & Cant: Embracing English, American, and Anglo by Albert Barrère, Charles Godfrey Leland (1890)
"... is still using the metaphor of a measure not filled up to the rim or proper mark, Marked up (tailors), to have one marked up, is to know all about him. ..."

2. Preserving the Whole: A Two-Track Approach to Rescuing Social Science Data by Ann Gerken Green, JoAnn Dionne, Martin Jeffrey Dennis, Digital Library Federation (1999)
"... the average time needed for cleaning a complete document- Future projects will need to budget extensive editing costs. HTML and SGML/XML marked-up Files ..."

3. Chain Stores: Their Management and Operation by Walter Sumner Hayward, Percival White, John Sherwood Fleek, Harry MacIntyre (1922)
"This does not mean that each item in the tool classification is so marked-up. Some may be marked up 75 per cent, but a study of this statement shows that if ..."

4. Records of the Town of Plymouth by Plymouth (Mass.), William Thomas Davis (1889)
"... by severall Rainge trees Marked : up to the heads of said lots and there hounded with a stake and a heape of stones The Bounds betwen The lots of George ..."

5. Workshop Receipts by Ernest Spon, Robert Haldane, Charles George Warnford Lock (1889)
"A very small book, such as a prayer-book, is marked up for 5 bands, but only sewed ... A book that is to be " sawn in " is marked up as for flexible work, ..."

6. The Art of Bookbinding by Joseph William Zaehnsdorf (1880)
"If the book is very small, as for instance a small prayer book, it is marked up for five bands, but only sewed on three; the other two being fastened on as ..."

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