Definition of Mixed economy

1. Noun. An economic system that combines private and state enterprises.

Generic synonyms: Economic System, Economy

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Literary usage of Mixed economy

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Intervention Or Neglect: The United States and Central America Beyond the 1980s by Linda Robinson (1991)
"The Sandinistas' mixed-economy pledge was taken as assurance that the interests of private business would be respected, although some were worried that ..."

2. In the Way of Development: Indigenous Peoples, Life Projects and Globalization by Mario Blaser, Harvey A. Feit, Glenn McRae (2004)
"This mixed economy remained a regional economy because the trading post was only ... Like the traders, the missionaries participated in the mixed economy by ..."

3. Tomorrow's Politics: The Third Way and Beyond by Ian Christie, Ian Hargreaves (1998)
"Two different versions of the old mixed economy existed. ... The new mixed economy looks instead for a synergy between public and private sectors, ..."

4. Trouble in Paradise? Europe in the 21st Century by Steven Philip Kramer, Irene Kyriakopoulos (1996)
"Agreement on the basic contours of the welfare state and mixed economy led ... "Acceptance of the mixed economy cum welfare state thus represented an ill- ..."

5. Season of Hope: Economic Reform Under Mandela And Mbeki by Alan Hirsch (2005)
"He talked about a 'mixed economy', using a term that had been introduced into ... In Mandela's mixed economy, 'the private sector would play a central and ..."

6. Capital (1888)
"If we want to progress and solve our problems, we shall have to put the small man on his feet, without cutting those of the big man. The mixed economy The ..."

7. The Land Question in South Africa: The Challenge of Transformation and by Lungisile Ntsebeza, Ruth Hall (2007)
"The drafters of the ANC Bill were still cherishing the possibility of 'a democratic society with a mixed economy'. This presumably entailed that the economy ..."

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