Definition of Pink disease

1. Noun. Serious bark disease of many tropical crop trees (coffee, citrus, rubber); branches have a covering of pink hyphae.

Generic synonyms: Plant Disease

Medical Definition of Pink disease

1. Pain in the extremities. (12 Dec 1998)

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Literary usage of Pink disease

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Manual of Diseases of Tropical Acacias in Australia, South-east Asia and India by Kenneth M. Old (2000)
"Disease pink disease, cendawan angin (Bahasa Malaysia), jamur upas (Bahasa Indonesia) ... pink disease is primarily a disease of the stem and branches. ..."

2. Diseases of Tropical Acacias: Proceedings of an International Workshop Held by K M Old, J K Sharma, S S Lee (1997)
"Severity of pink disease attacking 20 provenances of three year-old A. mangium ... pink disease was common at Riam Kiwa, and a trial of 20 provenances was ..."

3. Rehabilitation of Degraded Tropical Forest Ecosystems: Workshop Proceedings by Shigeo Kobayashi (2001)
"Outbreak of pink disease caused by Corticium salmonicolor in Eucalyptus grandis in Kerala, India. Tropical Pest Management 30: 253-255. ..."

4. Phytopathology by American Phytopathological Society (1917)
"(Gainesville, Florida, USA »Brooks, PT and Sharpie«, A. pink disease. Dept. of Agri. Federated Malay State«. Bui. 21 : 1-27, fig. 19. 1914. ..."

5. Concealing-coloration in the Animal Kingdom: An Exposition of the Laws of by Gerald Handerson Thayer, Abbott Handerson Thayer (1909)
"... and are each marked with a partly faded pink disease-spot (the pink band crossing the fore-wings) and some brighter red disease-flecks near the leaf's ..."

6. Botanical Abstracts by Board of Control of Botanical Abstracts (1920)
"pink disease of citrus. Philippine Jour. Sei. 14: 657-671. 7 pi., t fig. 1919.—The disease is caused by Corticium salmonicolor B. & Br. At present localized ..."

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