Definition of Printings

1. Noun. (plural of printing) ¹

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Definition of Printings

1. printing [n] - See also: printing

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Literary usage of Printings

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Paper Technology: An Elementary Manual on the Manufacture, Physical by Robert Walter Sindall (1906)
"Selection of wood pulps—Varieties of wood pulps—Nature of papers produced—Process of manufacture—Writings and high-class printings—News and common printings ..."

2. Trials for High Treason, in Scotland, Under a Special Commission, Held at by Charles John Green (1825)
"... did then and there express, utter, and declare, as well by publishing divers printings and writings hereinafter mentioned, as by divers overt acts and ..."

3. The Paper Mills Directory (of Great Britain and Ireland). 5th-78th EdTrades and industries (1866)
"28 ALEXANDER ANNANDALE & SONS, Polton Mills, Lasswade, Edinburgh— Office in London, 37, Queen Street, Cheapside, EC—printings. Fine Writing and Printing ..."

4. Reports of Cases in Criminal Law Argued and Determined in All the Courts in by Edward William Cox (1850)
"... which said printings is as follows—here followed a letter from a THE ... by then and there feloniously publishing certain other printings in one other ..."

5. Sessional Papersby Canada Parliament by Canada Parliament (1901)
"7, 5 printings, 820 ; printing 325 copies of plan of Esquimalt and Nanaimo, B, 3 printings, 812 ; 8 stones supplied, ..."

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