Definition of Rectums

1. Noun. (plural of rectum) ¹

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Definition of Rectums

1. rectum [n] - See also: rectum

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Literary usage of Rectums

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Journal of Anatomy and Physiology by Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland (1892)
"If a large number of rectums be examined, a considerable variety in the position ... Those rectums which are distended, especially those which are distended ..."

2. Orificial Surgery and Its Application to the Treatment of Chronic Diseases by Edwin Hartley Pratt (1891)
"Papillae are not constant in rectums, and I believe there is now no dispute as ... Some rectums will present a single papilla, while occasionally they will ..."

3. Orificial Surgery, Its Philosophy, Application and Technique, Comp edited by Benjamin Elisha Dawson, Elizabeth (Hamilton) Muncie, Albert B. Grant, H. E. Beebe (1912)
"It is exceedingly common to find rectums possessed of merely one pocket; ... It is quite uncommon to find rectums possessed of more than from five to eight ..."

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