Definition of Savingly

1. adv. In a saving manner; with frugality or parsimony.

Definition of Savingly

1. Adverb. So as to save; with frugality or parsimony. ¹

2. Adverb. (religion) So as to be finally saved from eternal death. ¹

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Definition of Savingly

1. in a thrifty manner [adv]

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Literary usage of Savingly

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Christian's Great Interest: In Two Parts, I. The Trial of a Saving by William Guthrie (1815)
"If we prove from Scripture, which is the uncontroverted rule, that you are gracious, and have stricken~covenant savingly with God, then resolve to grant so ..."

2. Collections by Minisink Valley Historical Society, Connecticut Historical Society (1882)
"The Lord grant that I may be kindly and effectually Warned and awakened by the death of Three so friendly to me, and allied ; savingly awakened ! ..."

3. Exposition of the Epistle to the Romans: with remarks on the commentaries of by Robert Haldane (1874)
"... of those who hold that the Gospel cannot speak to men savingly in the Scriptures, and that it is never effectual without the living voice of a preacher. ..."

4. Thoughts on Religion by Blaise Pascal (1851)
"THAT GOD CANNOT BE savingly KNOWN RUT THROUGH JESUS CHRIST. MOST of those who undertake to demonstrate the divine Being to ungodly persons, commonly begin ..."

5. Journal of a Residence at Bagdad: During the Years 1830 and 1831 by Anthony Norris Groves (1832)
"... that is felt by those even who will not embrace it savingly. In reading Mrs. Judson's journal of the trials of the Burman mission, how deeply I now ..."

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