Definition of Slip road

1. Noun. A short road giving access to an expressway. "In Britain they call an access road a slip road"

Exact synonyms: Access Road
Generic synonyms: Road, Route

Definition of Slip road

1. Noun. A segment of roadway that joins a motorway to ordinary roads (in either direction) ¹

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Literary usage of Slip road

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Practice of Railway Surveying and Permanent Way Work by Samuel Wright Perrott, F. E. G. Badger (1920)
"When designing a single-slip or double-slip road, as shown in Figs. 'JO and 91, it is essential to adopt a diamond crossing of either 1 foot in Diamond ..."

2. Sessional Papers (1902)
"At about 5 40 pm two engines stood in the slip road, and for the purpose of placing the rear one in the back road both men pot upon the leading engine. ..."

3. Italian Lakes by Richard Sale (2006)
"If you are approaching Linate from the south (ie you are heading north) the exit slip road is to your right, as usual, but please note that if you are ..."

4. Landscapes of the Costa Blanca: A Countryside Guide by John Oldfield, Christine Oldfield (2002)
"... you can take an optional detour (signposted slip road on the right; 18km return) to the Santuario de la Font Roja* (*^RAP21). This natural park, high in ..."

5. Carriers' Law: Relating to Goods and Passenger Traffic on Railways, Canals by Edmund B. Ivatts (1883)
"From the gate at the aich there was a slip road, with a gate at the end, ... gate and down the slip road, and thence through the open gate at the archway, ..."

6. Safety in Road Traffic for Vulnerable Users by Ecmt (2000)
"In the absence of technical solutions to these problems (for example through non slip road markings) it is necessary to insist during driver training on the ..."

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