Definition of Solar gravity

1. Noun. The gravity of the sun. "Solar gravity creates extreme pressures and temperatures"

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Literary usage of Solar gravity

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society by Royal Astronomical Society (1872)
"Zb'llner, in dealing with prominences of moderate height, has regarded the solar gravity as constant; but this is evidently not admissible when we come to ..."

2. The Pericosmic Theory of Physical Existence and Its Sequel Preliminary to by George Stearns (1888)
"Regarded merely as a fact of astronomic observation, it appears to be the joint result of a. planet's solar gravity and orbital motion. ..."

3. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Held at Philadelphia for by American Philosophical Society (1880)
"... if we look only to solar gravity at the corresponding ... if we look to initial terrestrial gravity as one-half of corresponding solar gravity. t>. ..."

4. A Treatise on the Cycloid and All Forms of Cycloidal Curves, and on the Use by Richard Anthony Proctor (1878)
"... for the present, with the case of matter flung vertically upwards from the sun's surface and subject only to the influence of solar gravity; I propose ..."

5. The Popular Science Review: A Quarterly Miscellany of Entertaining and edited by [Anonymus AC02893924] (1872)
"... and was brought to rest at a height of 200000 miles by the retarding action of the solar atmosphere cooperating with solar gravity. ..."

6. The Kansas City Review of Science and Industry (1885)
"solar gravity acts on all ... We extend this principle to the sidereal heavens seeking to learn what rate of motion solar gravity ..."

7. A History of Astronomy by Walter William Bryant (1907)
"The actual figures given were—for the first class, fourteen times solar gravity, giving rise to very long, straight tails; for the second, the scimitar ..."

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