Definition of Star-thistle

1. Noun. Mediterranean annual or biennial herb having pinkish to purple flowers surrounded by spine-tipped scales; naturalized in America.

Exact synonyms: Caltrop, Centauria Calcitrapa
Generic synonyms: Centaury

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Literary usage of Star-thistle

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Wild flowers by Anne Pratt (1852)
"Another Star-Thistle, which is brought from the fields of the Levant to adorn our gardens, has still more singular spines about its purple blossoms, ..."

2. The Farmer's Encyclopædia, and Dictionary of Rural Affairs: Embracing All by Cuthbert William Johnson (1844)
"STAR OF BETHLEHEM. See BETHLEHEM, STAB OF. star-thistle. A name applied to some species of ... and the yellow star-thistle, or St. Barnaby's thistle (C. ..."

3. The Weeds of New South Wales, Pt. I- by Joseph Henry Maiden (1920)
"As people usually call this " Star Thistle," T have simply prefixed the word "false" for a reason indicated below. Baron von Mueller proposed the name ..."

4. A flora of western middle California by Willis Linn Jepson (1911)
"CENTAUREA L. STAR THISTLE. Erect or diffuse usually rigid annual or biennial herbs with ... Also called Yellow Star Thistle. 3. C. calcitrapa L. PURPLE STAR ..."

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