Definition of -ism

1. Suffix. forming nouns on action or process or result based on the accompanying verb in -ize ¹

2. Suffix. forming the name of a system, school of thought or theory based on the name of its subject or object or alternatively on the name of its founder ((sense when de-capitalized, these overlap with the generic "terms for doctrines" sense below, e.g. Liberalism vs. liberalism)). ¹

3. Suffix. the action, conduct or condition of a class of persons, "behaving like a ---" ((sense with overtones of the "terms for doctrines" sense below)) ¹

4. Suffix. class-names or descriptive terms for doctrines or principles in general ¹

5. Suffix. a peculiarity or characteristic of language ¹

6. Suffix. an ideology expressing belief in the superiority of a certain class within the concept expressed by the root word ((sense based on a late 20th-century narrowing of the "terms for a doctrine" sense)) ¹

7. Suffix. (medicine) A condition or syndrome caused by or associated with a specific type of organism ¹

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