Definition of -ing

1. Suffix. Used to form gerunds, a type of verbal nouns, from verbs. ¹

2. Suffix. Used to form uncountable nouns from various parts of speech denoting materials or systems of objects considered collectively. ¹

3. Suffix. Used to form nouns of the action or the procedure of a verb; usually identical with meaning 1. in the English language or expressed with -tion instead ¹

4. Suffix. Used to form present participles of verbs. ¹

5. Suffix. Forming derivative nouns (originally masculine), with the sense ‘son of, belonging to’, as patronymics or diminutives. ¹

6. Suffix. Having a specifed quality, characteristic, or nature; of the kind of ¹

7. Suffix. (rare chiefly Netherlands nonstandard sort=ing) (alternative spelling of -ing) ¹

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