Definition of Alexandre Yersin

1. Noun. French bacteriologist born in Switzerland; was a student of Pasteur; discovered the plague bacillus (1863-1943).

Exact synonyms: Alexandre Emile Jean Yersin, Yersin
Generic synonyms: Bacteriologist

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Literary usage of Alexandre Yersin

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An introduction to the history of medicine by Fielding H. Garrison (1921)
"... on phagocytosis and the lactic-acid bacillus, Alexandre Yersin on the plague bacillus, Albert Calmette on preventive inoculations against snake-bites. ..."

2. Adventure Guide Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia by Janet Arrowood (2006)
"Inside the city limits you'll find the Alexandre Yersin Museum at the Pasteur Institute (north end of Tran Phu). Yersin was a bacteriologist celebrated for ..."

3. A Half Century of Public Health: Jubilee Historical Volume of the American by American Public Health Association (1921)
"... yellow fever; Alexandre Yersin, and Hermann F. Müller, bubonic plague; Tito Carbone, Malta fever; Louis Ferdinand Thuillier, Asiatic cholera; ..."

4. Emil Von Behring: Infectious Disease, Immunology, Serum Therapy by Derek S. Linton (2005)
"... trained physician whose research interests often intersected with those of Behring, whom he would later befriend, and his assistant Alexandre Yersin, ..."

5. Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia by Bernard Joliat, Sonia Vian (2003)
"Yersin /Museum At the colonnaded Pasteur Institute, south of the Post Office by the waterfront, a museum is dedicated to the biologist Alexandre Yersin ..."

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