Definition of Alnus maritima

1. Noun. Shrub or small tree of southeastern United States having soft light brown wood.

Exact synonyms: Seaside Alder
Group relationships: Alnus, Genus Alnus
Generic synonyms: Alder, Alder Tree

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Literary usage of Alnus maritima

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Tree Book: A Popular Guide to a Knowledge of the Trees of North America by Julia Ellen Rogers (1905)
"Seaside Alder (Alnus maritima, Nutt.)—A round-topped tree 15 to 30 feet, with slender branches. Dark thin, smooth, light brown; twigs greyish. ..."

2. The Woods of the United States by Charles Sprague Sargent, American Museum of Natural History (1885)
"Alnus maritima, Muhl. Seaside Alder. Southern Delaware and eastern Maryland, near the coast; valley of the Red River, Indian Territory, in about longitude ..."

3. Trees of the Northern United States: Their Study, Description and by Austin Craig Apgar (1892)
"... 6 to 12 ft. high, common along streams south of 41° N. Lat. In the Southern States it sometimes forms a tree 30 ft. high. 3. Alnus maritima, Muhl. ..."

4. Annales Mycologici (1908)
"Okumura; on Quercus serrata, Sept. 24, 1906, Coll. K. Okumura; on Alnus maritima (A. japonica), Sept. 24, 1907; on Celastrus Orixa, Aug. 25, 1906. Coll. ..."

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