Definition of Alnus rhombifolia

1. Noun. Tree of western United States.

Exact synonyms: Mountain Alder, White Alder
Group relationships: Alnus, Genus Alnus
Generic synonyms: Alder, Alder Tree

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Literary usage of Alnus rhombifolia

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Trees of California by Willis Linn Jepson (1909)
"Alnus rhombifolia Nutt. Leaves 2 to 4 inches long, minutely pubescent, elliptic and ... Alnus rhombifolia keeps to streams that are permanent and is to the ..."

2. Forest Trees of the Pacific Slope by George Bishop Sudworth (1908)
"Alnus rhombifolia Nuttall. DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS. The name "white alder" Is not known to be used in the range of this tree, but it is proposed for ..."

3. The Woods of the United States by Charles Sprague Sargent, American Museum of Natural History (1885)
"Alnus rhombifolia, Nutt. Alder. Valley of the lower Fraser River, British Columbia, south through the Coast Ranges to southern California, extending east ..."

4. Muhlenbergia: A Journal of Botany by Amos Arthur Heller (1907)
"... and Alnus rhombifolia. Populus tremuloides occupies large areas along the streams in the yellow pine belt, where it produces mere saplings or underbrush ..."

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