Definition of Ascaris lumbricoides

1. Noun. Intestinal parasite of humans and pigs.

Exact synonyms: Common Roundworm
Generic synonyms: Nematode, Nematode Worm, Roundworm
Group relationships: Ascaris, Genus Ascaris

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Literary usage of Ascaris lumbricoides

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Monographic Medicine by William Robie Patten Emerson, Guido Guerrini, William Brown, Wendell Christopher Phillips, John Whitridge Williams, John Appleton Swett, Hans Günther, Mario Mariotti, Hugh Grant Rowell (1916)
"(ft) Oxyuris vermicularis The (a) Ascaris lumbricoides, and (b) the Oxyuris vermicularis, the most frequent of all worms, the former inhabiting the small ..."

2. On Human Entozoa: Comprising the Description of the Different Species of by William Abbotts Smith (1863)
"THE ascaris lumbricoides usually inhabits the small intestine. Sometimes it may get into the stomach, or the large intestine, but it soon perishes or is ..."

3. College zoology by Robert William Hegner (1918)
"A PARASITIC ROUNDWORM — Ascaris lumbricoides External Features. — Ascaris (Fig. in) is a genus of round- worms parasitic in the intestines of pigs, horses, ..."

4. A Manual of clinical diagnosis by means of microscopical and chemical by Charles Edmund Simon (1904)
"It is not of much patho- logical importance. Fio. 70. Ascaris lumbricoides. (v. JAKSCH.) <J, worm, half natural size: b, head slightly magnified; e, eggs. ..."

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