Definition of Botrychium virginianum

1. Noun. American fern whose clustered sporangia resemble a snake's rattle.

Exact synonyms: Rattlesnake Fern
Generic synonyms: Grape Fern

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Literary usage of Botrychium virginianum

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Eusporangiatae: The Comparative Morphology of the Ophioglossaceae and by Douglas Houghton Campbell (1911)
"FERTILIZATION IN Botrychium virginianum. Jeffrey observed a single spermatozoid within the venter of the archegonium and noted that at the time of ..."

2. Transactions of the Canadian Institute by Canadian Institute (1849-1914). (1898)
"THE GAMETOPHYTE OF Botrychium virginianum. Bv EDWARD C. JEFFREY, BA, Lecturer in Botany, University of Toronto. ..."

3. The Study of the Biology of Ferns by the Collodion Method: For Advanced and by George Francis Atkinson (1894)
"Diagrammatic section of the stipe of Botrychium virginianum, showing the arrangement of ... Botrychium virginianum the stratification is quite well marked. ..."

4. International Catalogue of Scientific Literature by Royal Society (Great Britain) (1908)
"Bot. Gaz., Chicago, 111., 37, 1904, (417-423). Stevens, WC Spore formation in Botrychium virginianum. Ann. Bot., Oxford, 19, 1905, (465-474, fol. 28- 30). ..."

5. The Origin of a Land Flora: A Theory Based Upon the Facts of Alternation by Frederick Orpen Bower (1908)
"... the youngest stages have not yet been seen : but the old embryo resembles that of Botrychium virginianum.1 It has a large foot derived from the ..."

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