Definition of Calopogon pulchellum

1. Noun. An orchid.

Exact synonyms: Calopogon Tuberosum, Grass Pink
Generic synonyms: Orchid, Orchidaceous Plant
Group relationships: Calopogon, Genus Calopogon

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Literary usage of Calopogon pulchellum

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Gardener's Magazine, and Register of Rural & Domestic Improvement by John Claudius Loudon (1827)
"Malaxis ophioglossoides, in moist soils, Halifax. ophioglossoides, in similar soils with the preceding. Calopogon pulchellum, generally in ..."

2. Catalogue of the Phaenogamous and Vascular Cryptogamous Plants of Michigan by Charles Fay Wheeler, Erwin Frink Smith (1881)
"... Salix candida, Smilacina trifolia, Pogonia ophioglossoides and Calopogon pulchellum. Arbor- vilse, red cedar and black spruce are comparatively rare. ..."

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