Definition of Central Standard Time

1. Noun. Standard time in the 6th time zone west of Greenwich, reckoned at the 90th meridian; used in the central United States.

Exact synonyms: Central Time, Cst
Generic synonyms: Civil Time, Local Time, Standard Time

Definition of Central Standard Time

1. Proper noun. the time of day in the time zone that encompasses a central portion of the United States ¹

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Literary usage of Central Standard Time

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Mathematical Geography by Willis Ernest Johnson (1907)
"Central Standard Time. The time of the next belt is the mean solar time of the 90th meridian or one hour slower than eastern standard time. ..."

2. Graded Work in Arithmetic by Samuel Wesley Baird (1901)
"The time of the 90th meridian is known as the Central standard time. Central standard time is 6 hours slower than Greenwich time, and 1 hour slower than ..."

3. Criminal Justice in Cleveland: Reports of the Cleveland Foundation Survey of by Roscoe Pound, Felix Frankfurter, Cleveland Foundation, Raymond Blaine Fosdick (1922)
"M., central standard time, on each week-day, except Saturday, when the session shall be from 8 o'clock AM until 11 o'clock A. >i., central standard time; ..."

4. Arithmetic by Grades for Inductive Teaching, Drilling and Testing by John Tilden Prince (1894)
"Central standard time is that of the meridian 90° west of Greenwich. ... How many hours is Central standard time later than Eastern standard time ? ..."

5. Physiography for High Schools by Albert Llewellyn Arey, Frank Laverne Bryant, William Wallace Clendenin, William Thomas Morrey (1911)
"Central Standard Time.—The time of the next belt westward is the mean solar time of. the goth meridian, called Central Standard Time, and is one hour slower ..."

6. Mineral Land Classification: Showing Indications of Iron Formations in Parts by William Otis Hotchkiss, Ernest F. Bean, Orville W. Wheelwright (1915)
"When it is 12 by central standard time, it is 11:55.7 by local standard time. Local standard time agrees with true solar time only four times 'luring the ..."

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