Definition of Chimborazo

1. Noun. A mountain peak in the Andes in Ecuador (20,560 feet high).

Group relationships: Ecuador, Republic Of Ecuador, Andes
Generic synonyms: Mountain Peak

Definition of Chimborazo

1. Proper noun. An inactive volcano in central Ecuador, whose peak is the highest in the country and the furthest point from the centre of the Earth. ¹

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Literary usage of Chimborazo

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Adventure Guide to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands by Peter Krahenbul (2003)
"it will be good. For local excursions, advice and a good place to stay in this region, see the Black Sheep Inn (page 179). Chimborazo Volcano Several of ..."

2. Around and about South America: Twenty Months of Quest and Query by Frank Vincent (1890)
"The wind on the flanks of Chimborazo sometimes blows with the force of a hurricane, but we were fortunate in experiencing a mist, which prevented the wind, ..."

3. Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal, Exhibiting a View of the Progressive by Robert Jameson, Sir William Jardine, Henry D Rogers (1837)
"On Two Attempts to ascend Chimborazo. By ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT. Translated from the German, and communicated, at the request of the Author, ..."

4. Travels in the United States, Etc.: During 1849 and 1850 by Emmeline Stuart-Wortley (1851)
"Departure from Peru—On board the "New World"—The nautical Ladies— Chimborazo and Cotopaxi—The Volcanoes of the Cordillera—Crater of Cotopaxi—A narrow ..."

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