Definition of Coryphaena equisetis

1. Noun. A kind of dolphinfish.

Generic synonyms: Dolphin, Dolphinfish, Mahimahi

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Literary usage of Coryphaena equisetis

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Contributions from the Bermuda Biological Station for Research by Bermuda Biological Station for Research (1904)
"Coryphaena equisetis (LINNE). Dolphin. Distribution. — Open Atlantic, most common in the tropics. D. 52 ; A. 25. A single specimen taken off Bermuda during ..."

2. Archiv für Anatomie, Physiologie und wissenschaftliche Medicin by Joh. Müller (1836)
"Bei Coryphaena equisetis finde ich hingegen vor dem Zwischen- kiefer ein paar quere, ziemlich lange Knöchelchen, welche in dieselbe Categorie mitden ..."

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