Definition of Crudeness

1. Noun. A wild or unrefined state.

2. Noun. An impolite manner that is vulgar and lacking tact or refinement. "The whole town was famous for its crudeness"
Exact synonyms: Crudity, Gaucheness
Generic synonyms: Impoliteness
Derivative terms: Crude, Crude, Gauche

3. Noun. An unpolished unrefined quality. "The crudeness of frontier dwellings depressed her"
Exact synonyms: Roughness
Generic synonyms: Inelegance
Derivative terms: Crude, Crude, Rough, Rough

Definition of Crudeness

1. n. A crude, undigested, or unprepared state; rawness; unripeness; immatureness; unfitness for a destined use or purpose; as, the crudeness of iron ore; crudeness of theories or plans.

Definition of Crudeness

1. Noun. The state of being crude ¹

2. Noun. A crude act or characteristic. ¹

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Definition of Crudeness

1. [n -ES]

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Literary usage of Crudeness

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Poetry as a Representative Art: An Essay in Comparative Aesthetics by George Lansing Raymond (1899)
"Omission of Words or Ellipsis indicating Crudeness—Leading to Obscurity because Meanings are conveyed by Phrases as well as by Words—. ..."

2. A History of Ancient Sculpture by Lucy Myers Wright Mitchell (1883)
"Crudeness of early Etruscan Work. — Artists. — Tombs. — Terra-cotta Masks and Figures.—Contents of Tombs. — Cippi. — Cinerary Urns. — Ash-chests. ..."

3. The World's Great Classics by Timothy Dwight, Julian Hawthorne (1900)
"PART I.—STYLE AND MIND Section I.—Carlyle's Obscurity and Crudeness We are at first put out. All is new here—ideas, style, tone, the shape of the phrases, ..."

4. Conflicting Principles in Teaching and how to Adjust Them by Charles Alexander McMurry (1914)
"Its opposite is crudeness and careless workmanship running off into slovenliness. In writing, drawing, and speaking, skillful motor habits are to be ..."

5. College Greek Course in English by William Cleaver Wilkinson (1884)
"... that kept all the freshness, having parted with all the crudeness, of youth. Farewell to thee, poet, thus unalterably young at ninety! ..."

6. A History of English Literature by Edward Jermyn Mathew (1901)
"Nature without art might be emotional and pathetic, though there was a danger of crudeness in form. (5) Revival of Feeling for Nature. ..."

7. Two Centuries of Pennsylvania History by Isaac Sharpless (1900)
"... Claim—Internal Improvements—Steam Navigation—Stephen Girard—Pittsburg—Effect of the Embargo—Literary Standing of Philadelphia—General Crudeness. ..."

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