Definition of Cucurbita moschata

1. Noun. Any of various plants bearing squash having hard rinds and elongated recurved necks.

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Literary usage of Cucurbita moschata

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Select Extra-tropical Plants: Readily Eligible for Industrial Culture Or by Ferdinand von Mueller (1891)
"... Cucurbita moschata, Duchesne. The Musky Gourd. Warmer parts of America, where it was much grown among Maize, prior to the advent of the Europeans ..."

2. Garden Farming by Lee Cleveland Corbett (1913)
"The important varieties of garden squashes belong to three species, which are known as Cucurbita maxima, Cucurbita pepo, and Cucurbita moschata. ..."

3. A Supplement to A Guide to Manuscripts Relating to the American Indian in by Daythal Kendall, John F. Freeman (1982)
"Cucurbita moschata in Sonora, Mexico; nd TD 5 pp. cc theory that cucurbita moschata was introduced into southern Arizona in late prehistoric or early ..."

4. Report by New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Botanical Dept (1908)
"The next, "Winter Crookneck" (18), is a representative of the Cucurbita moschata with a decided change in the type of seed, but here the rule is regarded ..."

5. The Vascular Flora of Pennsylvania: Annotated Checklist and Atlas by Ann Fowler Rhoads, William M. Klein (1993)
"Cucurbita moschata Duchesne ex Poir. Crookneck squash Herbaceous annual vine Cultivated and occasionally occurring in rubbish dumps or waste ground. ..."

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