Definition of Datura arborea

1. Noun. A South American plant that is cultivated for its large fragrant trumpet-shaped flowers.

Exact synonyms: Angel's Trumpet, Brugmansia Arborea, Maikoa
Group relationships: Brugmansia, Genus Brugmansia
Generic synonyms: Bush, Shrub

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Literary usage of Datura arborea

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Materia Medica and Special Therapeutics of the New Remedies by Edwin Moses Hale (1897)
"Perhaps if the proving had been made from a tincture of the whole plant, cutaneous symptoms would have appeared. Datura arborea. ..."

2. The Characteristics of the New Remedies by Edwin Moses Hale, F. S. Whitman (1873)
"... cerebral disorder, when the child is sleepless, and laughs and plays in the night, o Jactitation and trembling in typhoid fevers. Datura arborea. ..."

3. Moral and Religious Poems by Felicia Dorothea Browne Hemans (1850)
"ON THE Datura arborea MAJESTIC plant! such fairy dreams as lie Nursed where the bee sucks in the cowslip's bell, Are not thy train. ..."

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