Definition of Datura sanguinea

1. Noun. Arborescent South American shrub having very large orange-red flowers.

Exact synonyms: Brugmansia Sanguinea, Red Angel's Trumpet
Generic synonyms: Bush, Shrub

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Literary usage of Datura sanguinea

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Chemistry of Common Life by James Finlay Weir Johnston, Arthur Herbert Church (1880)
"THE EED THORN-APPLE OF PERU (Datura sanguinea), fig. 64, is in use among the Indians of ... Datura sanguinea—The Red Thorn-apple. Scale, 1 iuch to 9 inches. ..."

2. The Pathogenetic Record: An Arrangement of the Pathological & Toxicological by Edward William Berridge (1880)
"98. Pharmaceutical Times, 1847, vol. ii, p. 311. Effects of Datura sanguinea quoted from Tschudi. See above. 99. ..."

3. Chambers's Edinburgh Journal by William Chambers, Robert Chambers (1849)
"The seeds (if the Datura sanguinea, however, were certainly used for a similar purpose in the Temple of the Sun in the South American city of ..."

4. Gardening in California: Landscape and Flower by John McLaren (1908)
"Some varieties are very fragrant, especially at night. They grow well in any good garden soil with ordinary care. The best kinds are Datura sanguinea, ..."

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