Definition of DeMille

1. Noun. United States film maker remembered for his extravagant and spectacular epic productions (1881-1959).

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Literary usage of DeMille

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Masterpieces of Modern Drama ...: Abridged in Narrative with Dialogue of by Brander Matthews (1915)
"... BY WILLIAM C. DeMille First played in New York at the Hudson Theatre on January 30, 1905. Argument: Strongheart, an Indian student at Columbia, ..."

2. Literature in the Century by Alban Bertram De Mille (1903)
"DeMille.— THE NEW SCHOOL. IF we mark the divisions of American development by the great wars of the country, we find that all the best writers appeared ..."

3. Wright & Ditson Officially Adopted Lawn Tennis Guide edited by Joseph T Whittelsey, Irving C Wright (1915)
"THIRD HOUND—deMille d. Clarke, 6/1, fi/4; Rockwood d. Norris, 6/3, 6/2; ... deMille and Clarke, 3/6, 7/5, 6/4. SEMI-FINAL ROUND—Thompson and Shriver d. ..."

4. The History of Kings County, Nova Scotia, Heart of the Acadian Land, Giving by Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton (1910)
"PROFESSOR JAMES DeMILLE, MA Professor James DeMille, the novelist, whose interests so long centred in King's County, was born in New Brunswick, ..."

5. Who's who on the Screen by Charles Donald Fox, Milton L. Silver (1920)
"CECIL B. DE MILLE Cecil Blount DeMille, Director General of the Famous Players-Lasky Corporation, ... Graduating as an actor, Mr. DeMille became a producing ..."

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