Definition of Economic and Social Council

1. Noun. A permanent council of the United Nations; responsible for economic and social conditions.

Exact synonyms: Ecosoc
Group relationships: Un, United Nations
Generic synonyms: Council

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Literary usage of Economic and Social Council

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Globalization: The United Nations Development Dialogue ; Finance, Trade by Isabelle Grunberg, Sarbuland Khan (2000)
"... highlevel policy dialogue and the high-level segment of the substantive session of 1998 of the Economic and Social Council, held from 6 to 8 July 1998, ..."

2. An Almanack for the Year of Our Lord by Joseph Whitaker (1869)
"... the Economic and Social Council. International Labour Organisation (ILO) Geneva (London Office, 38-39 Parliament Street, SWi).—Established In 1919 as an ..."

3. The United Nations System: The Policies of Member States by Chadwick F. Alger, Gene Martin Lyons, John E. Trent (1995)
"The Project, in many ways, filled the gap when a special commission appointed by the Economic and Social Council to follow up on the recommendation of the ..."

4. Easy Prey: Child Soldiers in Liberia by Janet Fleischman, Lois Whitman (1994)
"... that of the United Nations in promoting the well-being of children and their development. I/ See Official Records of the Economic and Social Council. ..."

5. Children in Northern Ireland: Abused by Security Forces and Paramilitaries by Lois Whitman, Human Rights Watch (Organization), Helsinki Watch (Organization : U.S.) (1992)
"I/ See Official Records of the Economic and Social Council. 1989. Supplement No. 2 (E/1989/20) chap. XX, sect. ..."

6. Negotiating Survival: Four Priorities After Rio by Richard N. Gardner (1992)
"B. Economic and Social Council 38.10. The Economic and Social Council, in the context of Its Charter role vis-Ă -vls the General Assembly and the ongoing ..."

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