Definition of First Marquess Cornwallis

1. Noun. Commander of the British forces in the American War of Independence; was defeated by American and French troops at Yorktown (1738-1805).

Exact synonyms: Charles Cornwallis, Cornwallis
Generic synonyms: Full General, General, Peer

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Literary usage of First Marquess Cornwallis

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A History of England in the Lives of Englishmen by George Godfrey Cunningham (1853)
"Charles, the sixth baron, second earl, and first Marquess Cornwallis, was born December 31, 1738. After receiving the necessary degres of instruction to ..."

2. The Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Females: Including Beauties of the by John Burke (1833)
"He died on the 23d of June, 1762, and was succeeded by his eldest son, CHARLES, THE SECOND EARL, AND First Marquess Cornwallis. This nobleman was, in 1765, ..."

3. Contributions in History and Political Science by Ohio State University, Harry Ignatius Marshall (1921)
"(C. Ross, Correspondence of Charles, first Marquess Cornwallis, 1859, VoL I, p..) The present town of Ninety-Six is in Greenwood county. ..."

4. The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Miscellany (1824)
"THE MAUSOLEUM AND ALTAR-TOMB FOR THE First Marquess Cornwallis. . .. : MAUSOLEUM. . THE Mausoleum for Marquess Cornwallis, in which is intended to be placed ..."

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