Definition of Fritillaria imperialis

1. Noun. Eurasian herb with a cluster of leaves and orange-red bell-shaped flowers at the top of the stem.

Exact synonyms: Crown Imperial
Generic synonyms: Checkered Lily, Fritillary

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Literary usage of Fritillaria imperialis

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Handy Book of the Flower-garden, Being Practical Directions for the by David Thomson (1876)
"Fritillaria imperialis, foliis aureis, •$/4 test, red—April and May. Fritillaria imperialis, silver-striped, 3 feet, red—April and May. ..."

2. Curtis's Botanical Magazine, Or, Flower-garden Displayed by John Sims (1809)
"Fritillaria imperialis (/3). YELLOW CROWN IMPERIAL. Oafs and Order. ... FRITILLARIA imperialis. Linn. Sp. PI. 2. i. 435. Hort. Kcw. i. 432. ..."

3. Handy book of the flower-garden by David Thomson (1868)
"Fritillaria imperialis, silver striped, 3 ft., red—April to June. Fritillaria meleagris, 14 foot, various—May and June. Fritillaria meleagris nigricans ..."

4. The Language of Flowers: The Floral Offering: a Token of Affection and by Henrietta Dumont (1852)
"Crown Imperial, red, Fritillaria imperialis. St. Isidore, bishop of Seville, 636. 5. Crown Imperial, yellow, Fritillaria imperialis ..."

5. Epitome of gardening by Thomas Moore (1881)
"The Crown Imperial (Fritillaria imperialis, fig. ... Fritillaria imperialis. The Dahlia of the florist (Dahlia variabilis) yields two groups or varieties, ..."

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