Definition of Hasdrubal

1. Noun. General who commanded a Carthaginian army in Spain; joined his brother Hannibal in Italy and was killed by the Romans at the battle of Metaurus River (died 207 BC).

Generic synonyms: Carthaginian, Full General, General

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Literary usage of Hasdrubal

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A History of Rome: Amply Illustrated with Maps, Plans, and Engravings by Robert Fowler Leighton (1885)
"Scipio, following up this success, attacked Hasdrubal at ... The results,3 however, were so far favorable to Hasdrubal that he was able to carry into ..."

2. The History of Rome by Wilhelm Ihne (1871)
"They Hasdrubal. reported that Scipio encountered Hasdrubal at ... and would at any rate have paralysed all further enterprises of Hasdrubal; ..."

3. A Smaller History of Rome: From the Earliest Times to the Establishment of by William Smith (1899)
"As Scipio was in undisputed possession of the province north of the Iberus, and had secured the passes of the Pyrenees on that side, Hasdrubal crossed these ..."

4. Atlas Antiquus: In Forty-eight Original, Graphic Maps, with Elaborate Text Emil Reich by Emil Reich (1908)
"At this moment a Carthaginian fleet under Hasdrubal arrives. These, combining with the Sardinians, march against the Romans, who advance from ..."

5. The history of Rome by Joseph Anton F. Wilhelm Ihne, Ihne, Wilhelm, 1821-1902 (1871)
"They Hasdrubal. Deported that Scipio encountered Hasdrubal at ... and would at any rate have paralysed all further enterprises of Hasdrubal; ..."

6. The Roman History of Appian of Alexandria by Appianus, of Alexandria Appianus (1899)
"CHAPTER IV Scipio's Night Attack on Hasdrubal — Speech to his Officers before ... Hasdrubal and Syphax are not far from each other. Hasdrubal is the head of ..."

7. A History of Rome to the Battle of Actium by Evelyn Shirley Shuckburgh (1894)
"... and departure of Hasdrubal for Italy (208)—Battle of ... and winters near Ulica (204-203)—Storm and burning of the camps of Hasdrubal and ..."

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