Definition of Historical

1. Adjective. Of or relating to the study of history. "A historical perspective"

Antonyms: Ahistorical
Derivative terms: Historicalness, History
Partainyms: History

2. Adjective. Having once lived or existed or taken place in the real world as distinct from being legendary. "Actual historical events"
Similar to: Existent, Real
Derivative terms: Historicalness

3. Adjective. Belonging to the past; of what is important or famous in the past. "A historical character"
Exact synonyms: Historic
Similar to: Past
Derivative terms: History, History, Historicalness

4. Adjective. Used of the study of a phenomenon (especially language) as it changes through time. "Diachronic linguistics"
Exact synonyms: Diachronic
Category relationships: Language, Linguistic Communication
Derivative terms: Diachrony, Historicalness
Antonyms: Synchronic

Definition of Historical

1. Adjective. Pertaining to the history, to what happened in the past. ¹

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Definition of Historical

1. [adj]

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Literary usage of Historical

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Addresses and Speeches on Various Occasions by Robert Charles Winthrop (1879)
"INTRODUCTORY TO A COURSE OF Historical LECTURES AT THE LOWELL INSTITUTE. 5 JANUARY,. AN Introductory Lecture, my friends, like an overture to an oratorio or ..."

2. An Introduction to the Old Testament: Chronologically Arranged by Harlan Creelman (1917)
"THE following facts relating to the historical books of the Old Testament need to be considered as preliminary to the study of the historical material ..."

3. Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature by H.W. Wilson Company (1914)
"98: Management of the American historical association. Nation. 98: 297. Mr. 19, '14. Rowland, Henry Cottrell, 1874- 82. Ja. 22, '14. ..."

4. The United Nations System: The Policies of Member States by Chadwick F. Alger, Gene Martin Lyons, John E. Trent (1995)
"First, the present United Nations must be approached from a historical perspective. From the vantage point of 1994, for example, the League of Nations was ..."

5. The Law of Pleading in Civil Actions and Defenses Under the Code: Also by Edgar Benton Kinkead (1898)
"Importance of historical knowledge of pleading— The common law and code systems. ... Some historical facts with reference to codes. pleading continued—The ..."

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