Definition of Hypericum calycinum

1. Noun. Creeping evergreen shrub with bright yellow star-shaped summer flowers; useful as ground cover.

Exact synonyms: Creeping St John's Wort
Generic synonyms: St John's Wort

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Literary usage of Hypericum calycinum

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. English Botany, Or, Coloured Figures of British Plants, with Their Essential by James Edward Smith, James Sowerby (1809)
"Styles five. Flowers solitary. Stem shrubby, branched, quadrangular. Segments of the . calyx obovate, obtuse. Leaves oblong. SYN. Hypericum calycinum. Linn. ..."

2. A Dictionary of English Plant-names by James Britten, Robert Holland (1886)
"(1) Hypericum calycinum, L.—Ches.; Lane. (Ormskirk) ; Line.; Suff. ; Warw. (2) ' A dwarf rose, grown in pots, and frequently seen in cottage windows.' Dev. ..."

3. Ornamental Shrubs of the United States (hardy, Cultivated) by Austin Craig Apgar (1910)
"AARON'S BEARD (41) — Hypericum calycinum. B. Leaves about linear 1-2J inches long, bluish above ; flowers J-1 inch broad; shrub 2-3 feet high with ..."

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