Definition of Jesuitism

1. Noun. The theology or the practices of the Jesuits (often considered to be casuistic).

Exact synonyms: Jesuitry
Generic synonyms: Christian Theology
Derivative terms: Jesuitic

Definition of Jesuitism

1. n. The principles and practices of the Jesuits.

Definition of Jesuitism

1. Noun. The principles and practices of the Jesuits. ¹

2. Noun. (derogatory) cunning Cunning; deceit; subtle argument. ¹

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Literary usage of Jesuitism

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. System of Positive Polity by Auguste Comte (1876)
"The principal develope- ment of Jesuitism was accordingly confined to France ... Nevertheless, from a sociological point of view, Jesuitism must be ..."

2. The Roman Catholic Church and Its Relation to the Federal Government by Francis T. Morton (1909)
"But how can this accord with Jesuitism ? The liberty of the press is regular ... That is sincere; but Jesuitism is one entire mass of mental reservations, ..."

3. References for Literary Workers: With Introductions to Topics and Questions by Henry Matson (1897)
"Jesuitism. 281. Has Jesuitism been a greater evil than good} For a knowledge of Jesuitism in its character and influence it must be studied in its origin, ..."

4. Financial and Political Affairs of the Country: Being a Series of by John Francis Collin (1879)
"During the reign of Queen Mary, under the banner of Catholicism, Jesuitism sent Protestants to the stake. During the reign of James Stuart, under the banner ..."

5. The Secret Societies of All Ages and Countries by Charles William Heckethorn (1897)
"Jesuitism is antisocial, for its only object is self-aggrandisement, ... Analogy between Jesuitism and Freemasonry.—There is considerable analogy and ..."

6. The Christian Examiner and Religious Miscellany by Alvan Lamson, Ezra Stiles Gannett, George Putnam, George Edward Ellis (1850)
"THIS volume, in two nearly equal parts, embraces the personal history of Ignatius Loyola, and an exposition of Jesuitism. Brilliant and captivating as the ..."

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