Definition of John Irving

1. Noun. United States writer of darkly humorous novels (born in 1942).

Exact synonyms: Irving
Generic synonyms: Author, Writer

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Literary usage of John Irving

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Cases Decided in the Court of Session by Scotland Court of Session, Patrick Shaw, Scotland, Court of Session (1837)
"The person mentioned D. as '• Irving was afterwards John Irving, senior, mason in Annan, wk . . in virtue of this deed, entered into possession of the ..."

2. The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography: Being the History of the by James Terry White (1910)
"... to Grace E., daughter of John Irving Pearce, and has two daughters, Natalie and Anitu Blair. HILL, Albert Ross, ninth president of the University of ..."

3. The Exchequer Reports: Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Courts by Great Britain Court of Exchequer, Edwin Tyrrell Hurlstone, Great Britain Court of Exchequer Chamber, John Paxton Norman (1860)
"... &c., and to be paid by even half- yearly payments on Candlemas Day and Lammas Day in every year. And the said John Irving and William Irving ..."

4. A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Colonial Gentry by Bernard Burke (1891)
"John Irving, Bonshaw passed to its present owner, Robert Nasmyth Irving, the heir male of the family. III. Robert, lieutenant-colonel 70th Regiment, ..."

5. Memoirs and Correspondence of Viscount Castlereagh, Second Marquess of by Robert Stewart Castlereagh (1851)
"Plan for raising a Loan of Ten Millions of Dollars for Addressed to Nicholas Vansittart, Esq., by Mr. John Irving. London, July 1, 1812. ..."

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