Definition of Leo III

1. Noun. Italian pope from 795 to 816 who in 800 crowned Charlemagne emperor of the Romans (750-816).

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Literary usage of Leo III

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon (1901)
"... obscurity of his birth and the duration of his reign.16—I. In an age of manly spirit, the prospect of an w[Kor the acts of Leo III., see also c. liii. ..."

2. The Cambridge Medieval History by John Bagnell Bury, James Pounder Whitney (1913)
"The Roman Leo III was elected on the following day, and consecrated on the ... Leo III was hard and cruel, and soon forfeited the sympathies of the Romans. ..."

3. Italy and Her Invaders by Thomas Hodgkin (1899)
"In November of this same year the Emperor heard visit of the tidings of an intended visit of Pope Leo III to Leo in, his court. The occasion of this visit ..."

4. Réflexions sur l'espèce en histoire naturelle, 1842 by Hans Falkenhagen, Ronald Percy Bell, Norman Holt Hartshorne, Alan Stuart, Eric John Holmyard, Alexander Moritzi, Thomas Hodgkin (1899)
"CH.6- In November of this same year the Emperor heard visit ,,f the tidings of an intended visit of Pope Leo III to Leo iif, his court. ..."

5. A History of Greece: From Its Conquest by the Romans to the Present Time, B by George Finlay (1877)
"Reign of Leo III. (the Isauria>i), AD 716-7412. Saracen war.—Siege of Constantinople.—Circumstances favourable to Leo's reforms.—Fables concerning Leo. ..."

6. History of the Byzantine Empire, from DCCXVI to MLVII. by George Finlay (1906)
"There were, moreover, 34 titular archbishops.1 SECTION II REIGN OF Leo III. (THE ISAURIAN,) AD 717-741 2 Saracen war—Siege of Constantinople—Circumstances ..."

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