Definition of Lorentz

1. Noun. Dutch physicist noted for work on electromagnetic theory (1853-1928).

Exact synonyms: Hendrik Antoon Lorentz
Generic synonyms: Physicist

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Literary usage of Lorentz

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Rendiconti del Circolo matematico di Palermo by Circolo matematico di Palermo (1906)
"obtenus sont d'accord avec ceux de M. Lorentz sur tous les points importants; ... L'idée de Lorentz peut se résumer ainsi: si on peut, sans qu'aucun des ..."

2. The Foundations of Science: Science and Hypothesis, The Value of Science by Henri Poincaré (1913)
"THEORY OP Lorentz.—We soon went further. According to the theory of Lorentz, currents of conduction themselves would be true currents of convection. ..."

3. A History of the Theories of Aether and Electricity from the Age of by Edmund Taylor Whittaker (1910)
"Lorentz, in a communication to the Amsterdam Academy;* after which it won favour in a gradually widening circle, until eventually it came to be generally ..."

4. The Theory of Light by Thomas Preston (1912)
"Lorenz - and Lorentz 3 have deduced theoretically the formula /i2-! 1 Ma + 2 p -,—= . - = constant, and later Planck derived the same formula from a ..."

5. Problems of Science by Federigo Enriques (1914)
"The question is how to construct a theory that is fitted to take account of the complex conditions of the facts. § 26. THE THEORY OF Lorentz. ..."

6. Pygmies & Papuans: The Stone Age To-day in Dutch New Guinea by Alexander Frederick Richmond Wollaston, William Robert Ogilvie-Grant, Alfred Cort Haddon, Sidney Herbert Ray (1912)
"They turned out to be the Dutch explorer, Mr. HA Lorentz, who was on his way back from his ... Mr. Lorentz looked like a man hardly returned from the dead, ..."

7. Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society by Cambridge Philosophical Society (1886)
"By AE FORSYTH, BA (3) A comparison of Maxwell's equations of the electromagnetic field with those of Helmholtz and Lorentz. ..."

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