Definition of Lorenz Oken

1. Noun. German naturalist whose speculations that plants and animals are made up of tiny living 'infusoria' led to the cell theory (1779-1851).

Exact synonyms: Lorenz Okenfuss, Oken, Okenfuss
Generic synonyms: Natural Scientist, Naturalist

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Literary usage of Lorenz Oken

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Copepodologist's Cabinet: A Biographical and Bibliographical History by David M. Damkaer (2002)
"Lorenz Oken i August 1779-11 August 1851 Lorenz Oken had a tremendous impact on biological thinking, or rather speculation, in the early part of the ..."

2. Memoirs of Hugh Edwin Strickland by Hugh Edwin Strickland, William Jardine (1858)
"Lorenz Oken.—AGASSIZ' BIBLIOGRAPHIA. THE Surveying Expedition of HMS 'Beacon,' under the direction of Capt. Graves, greatly interested Strickland. ..."

3. The Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal: Exhibiting a Concise View of the (1851)
"In the foreign papers the death of Lorenz Oken, Professor of Natural History in ... Lorenz Oken died at the age of seventy-three, having been born in 1778. ..."

4. Froebel's Kindergarten Principles Critically Examined by William Heard Kilpatrick (1916)
"A still more interesting aspect of this 1 Lorenz Oken (1779-1851), a German naturalist, ... Elements of Physio-philosophy by Lorenz Oken; the first, § 1578; ..."

5. The Journal of Science, and Annals of Astronomy, Biology, Geology by James Samuelson, William Crookes (1881)
"Lorenz Oken ; a Biographical Sketch. Being a Memorial Discourse on the ... Lorenz Oken was born, as the son of a poor peasant, in what may almost be called ..."

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