Definition of Lorraine cross

1. Noun. A cross with two crossbars, one above and one below the midpoint of the vertical, the lower longer than the upper.

Exact synonyms: Cross Of Lorraine
Generic synonyms: Cross

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Literary usage of Lorraine cross

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A History of the National Tuberculosis Association: The Anti-tuberculosis by Sigard Adolphus Knopf (1922)
"The Lorraine cross itself, to which the tuberculosis emblem, as will be noted, ... It has remained in France as the Lorraine cross to this day, ..."

2. The Official History of the Three Hundred and Fourth Engineer Regiment by Army, 304th Engineer Regiment, United States (1920)
"Before its adoption as an emblem by the reigning house of Lorraine, the double traverse cross, now known as the Lorraine cross, had a long and interesting ..."

3. Handbook for Architects and Builders by Illinois society of architects (1908)
"3 (the upper one meant as a representation of the inscription which was placed over the head of Christ) it is known by the name of the Lorraine cross, ..."

4. The Delta of the Triple Elevens: The History of Battery D, 311th Field by William Elmer Bachman (1920)
"It was only appropriate, therefore, that the division should select as its emblem the ancient symbol of victory, The Lorraine cross. ..."

5. Gas Warfare by Edward Samuel Farrow (1920)
"The charge in the Lorraine cross shell is of sufficient size to produce a spray of very finely divided particles of the liquid and in this form, ..."

6. Book-prices Current: A Record of Prices at which Books Have Been Sold at Auction (1899)
"... double columns, title in red and black within singular woodcut border with Geoffry Tory's device of the Lorraine cross in lower margin, as used in the ..."

7. History of 313th U. S. Infantry, "Baltimore's Own," by Henry C. Thorn (1920)
"It was only appropriate, therefore, that the division should select as its emblem the ancient symbol of victory, the Lorraine cross. ..."

8. The A.E.F.: Who They Were, what They Did, how They Did it by Willis Rowland Skillman (1920)
"The insignia of this division is the Lorraine cross in gray on a blue ... The Lorraine cross was adopted in the 15th century by the House of Anjou (as a ..."

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