Definition of Moukden

1. Noun. A city in northeastern China.

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Literary usage of Moukden

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Long White Mountan: Or, A Journey in Manchuria, with Some Account of the by Henry Evan Murchison James (1888)
"... of discount—Plan of route— Reach Moukden—Chinese inns—Opium-smoking—Inn ... Tai Tsung—Chinese banking transactions—Hiring mules—Start from Moukden—The ..."

2. Things Chinese: Being Notes on Various Subjects Connected with China by James Dyer Ball (1893)
"... Port Arthur, Moukden, Kirin, and the Russian frontier of Manchuria. Two millions of taels are being annually set aside for the work. ..."

3. China by Robert Kennaway Douglas (1899)
"and with one consent he was elected to the chieftainship of the clan. To this chieftain succeeded in A MONUMENT AT Moukden. course of time his son, ..."

4. Travels on Horseback in Mantchu Tartary: Being a Summer's Ride Beyond the by George Fleming (1863)
"HISTORY OF Moukden — ACCOUNT OF IT BY FATHER VERBIEST - KIEN- ... ODIN ' - REVISITING THE WALL. place wherein Moukden now stands is the same which -L in the ..."

5. The Continuation Committee Conferences in Asia, 1912-1913: A Brief Account by John Raleigh Mott (1913)
"... Moukden CONFERENCE I. Occupation 1. Provincial Map and City Surveys. A missionary map of Manchuria should be prepared indicating the distribution of ..."

6. Chinese Currency by Joseph Edkins (1901)
"Gold in Moukden Province. On December 3rd, 1898, the Shen-pao printed a memorial: ... These places are to the north east of Moukden at a distance of about a ..."

7. The Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal (1907)
"An Open Letter to Dr. Christie, Moukden, by the Rev. James Webster. You asked me when I last saw you to write a statement of my views with regard to medical ..."

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