Definition of Motrin

1. Noun. A nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicine (trade names Advil and Motrin and Nuprin) used to relieve the pain of arthritis and as an antipyretic. "Daily use of ibuprofen can irritate the stomach"

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Literary usage of Motrin

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Prescription Drug Prices: Price Gouging by Pharmaceutical Companies? (1993)
"Motrin (600 Mg, 100 Tablets) Table 1.12: Price* for Motrin, 600 Mg, 100 Tablet* Companies' Drug Price« and Beacon« for Price Change«, and G AO'S Analyse« of ..."

2. The Practices and Procedures of the Investigating Services of the Deparment edited by Strom Thurmond (1998)
"Exhibit [3] states he gave Repetti [on the day of death] Motrin and a muscle relaxer, but later says that Repetti told him he had only taken two Motrin. ..."

3. Handbook of Severe Disability: A Text for Rehabilitation Counselors, Other edited by Walter C. Stolov, Michael R. Clowers (2000)
"Recently, several new anti-inflammatory drugs (Motrin, Nalfon, Indocin, Clinoril, Tolectin, and Naprosyn) have become available As a group, they are called ..."

4. The Status of Efforts to Identify Persian Gulf War Syndrome edited by Christopher Shays (1999)
"joint pain has been dismissed as being Fibro-Myalgia. No treatment other than Motrin has been given. I have reported my wife and ..."

5. Bound for Good Health: A Collection of Age PagesMedical (1993)
"... Name Sample Brand Names Diclofenac Fenoprofen Flurbiprofen Ibuprofen Voltaren Nalfon Ansaid Motrin, Rufen, and over-the-counter brands such as Advil and ..."

6. Getting Fit Your Way: A Self-paced Fitness Guide (1993)
"Examples of over-the-counter NSAIDs include aspirin, Motrin,1 Orudis, and Anaprox. Tylenol is not an NSAID and is not used to reduce the inflammation of ..."

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