Definition of Northern Baptist

1. Noun. A member of the American Baptist Convention.

Group relationships: American Baptist Convention, Northern Baptist Convention
Generic synonyms: Baptist

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Literary usage of Northern Baptist

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Source Book and Bibliographical Guide for American Church History by Peter George Mode (1921)
"CONSTITUTION OF THE Northern Baptist CONVENTION DECLARATION The Northern Baptist Convention, Incorporated June 1910, held its first assembly in Chicago in ..."

2. Baptist Missionary Magazine by American Baptist Foreign Mission Society (1909)
"3- That the churches throughout the constituency of the Northern Baptist Convention be urged to adopt a comprehensive plan of missionary finance, ..."

3. The New Larned History for Ready Reference, Reading and Research: The Actual by Josephus Nelson Larned, Augustus Hunt Shearer (1922)
""—Survey of the fields and work of the Northern Baptist Convention, ... with a committee of the Northern Baptist Conver a standing joint committee of comity ..."

4. Baptist Missionary Magazine by American Baptist Foreign Mission Society (1908)
"THE BUDGET T >f view of the impracticability of appointing the finance committee of the Northern Baptist Convention at once, and because of the desirability ..."

5. The American Baptist Magazine by Baptist General Convention, Board of Managers (1830)
"THE Board of Directors of the Northern Baptist Education Society have ... Northern Baptist EDUCATION SOCIETY. THIS Society was formed on the 24th of March ..."

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