Definition of Paul Klee

1. Noun. Swiss painter influenced by Kandinsky (1879-1940).

Exact synonyms: Klee
Generic synonyms: Painter

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Literary usage of Paul Klee

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. How to Teach Art to Children: Grades 1-6by Tanya Skelton, Joy Evans by Tanya Skelton, Joy Evans (2001)
"Talk with the students about Paul Klee and his love for music. ... What kinds of colors did Paul Klee use in this artwork? Step by Step 1. ..."

2. Adventure Guide to Germany by Henk Bekker (2005)
"It has a noteworthy Paul Klee collection of 92 paintings shown in rotation. ... Both museums are open from Tuesday to * Tunisian Gardens, Paul Klee • Friday ..."

3. Montreal by Ulysses Travel Guides Staff (2004)
"... which includes works by Rembrandt, Hendrick Goltzius, Ferdinand Hodler, Pietro Bracci, Honore Daumier, Manet, Paul Klee and Salvador Dali, among others. ..."

4. Italian Lakes by Richard Sale (2006)
"The town has a long artistic tradition: Isadora Duncan, Herman Hesse and Paul Klee all spent time here, as did both Lenin and Jung. ..."

5. De Stijl Continued: The Journal Structure (1958-1964) an Artists' Debate by Jonneke Jobse (2005)
"101 The role played by the artistic theories of Paul Klee within the ieA programme is noted in Thistle- wood 1989. 102 Klee discusses this method in his ..."

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