Definition of Rhus copallina

1. Noun. Common nonpoisonous shrub of eastern North America with compound leaves and green paniculate flowers followed by red berries.

Exact synonyms: Black Sumac, Dwarf Sumac, Mountain Sumac, Shining Sumac
Generic synonyms: Shumac, Sumac, Sumach

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Literary usage of Rhus copallina

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Tree Book: A Popular Guide to a Knowledge of the Trees of North America by Julia Ellen Rogers (1905)
"The twigs are pale grey in winter, dotted thickly with lenticels (breathing pores) THE DWARF SUMACH (Rhus copallina) This tree is shrubby in the North. ..."

2. Select Extra-tropical Plants Readily Eligible for Industrial Culture Or by Ferdinand von Mueller (1880)
"... Rhus copallina, Linne. North America, extending to Canada. A comparatively dwarf species. This can be used for tanning. A resin for varnishes is also ..."

3. Contributions from the United States National Herbarium by United States National Herbarium, United States National Museum (1897)
"Undergrowth rather dense, low, chiefly Rhus copallina, small Liquidambar, and Ilex glabra, with various other shrubs and young trees. ..."

4. The Vascular Flora of Pennsylvania: Annotated Checklist and Atlas by Ann Fowler Rhoads, William M. Klein (1993)
"Rhus copallina L. var. copallina Shining sumac; Dwarf sumac Deciduous shrub Dry, open woods, thickets and old fields. Rhus copallina L. var. latifolia Engl. ..."

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