Definition of Riffian

1. Noun. A Berber living in northern Morocco.

Exact synonyms: Riff
Generic synonyms: Berber

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Literary usage of Riffian

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. On Foot Through Tyrol: In the Summer of 1855 by Walter White (1856)
"... Army—A wide-awake Country—Meran—Scraps of History— Schloss Tyrol—Magnificent View—Riffian—A lost Track—Saltaus— Labourers at Supper—The Evening Prayer. ..."

2. Thirty Thousand Miles in "The Wanderer": Extracts from the Log Kept at by John Boit, Sam P. Blagden, Charles Leonard Frost Robinson (1903)
"... his head wound round with a circle of string, showing him to be a Riffian; then perhaps a rich Jew in a black cloak and black fez. ..."

3. Ridpath's History of the World: Being an Account of the Principal Events in by John Clark Ridpath (1910)
"The death of the Sultan who had signed the Algeciras agreement, and the refusal of his successor to abide by that act, and the attack of the Riffian Moors ..."

4. A Ride in Morocco Among Believers and Traders by Agnes Fraser (1902)
"Waving his arms above his head, the Riffian cried, ' Puerta de la ciudad! ... The Riffian turned and faced me with an air of hospitable welcome ; my horse ..."

5. St. Nicholas by Mary Mapes Dodge (1909)
"... in the foreground, at the left, the Riffian range stood like a barrier along the coast. Smooth water was found under the lee of the African shore, ..."

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