Definition of Rocky Mountain bighorn

1. Noun. Wild sheep of mountainous regions of western North America having massive curled horns.

Exact synonyms: Bighorn, Bighorn Sheep, Cimarron, Ovis Canadensis, Rocky Mountain Sheep
Group relationships: Genus Ovis, Ovis
Generic synonyms: Mountain Sheep

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Literary usage of Rocky Mountain bighorn

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Burgess Animal Book for Children by Thornton Waldo Burgess (1920)
"Great World — Bighorn the Mountain Sheep, also called Rocky Mountain bighorn and Rocky Mountain Sheep. " Bighorn is a true Sheep and lives high up among the ..."

2. Denizens of the Desert: A Book of Southwestern Mammals, Birds, and Reptiles by Edmund Carroll Jaeger (1922)
"It seems strange that this near cousin of our Rocky Mountain bighorn should find conditions congenial to his tastes in an almost waterless land whose ..."

3. The Canadian Rockies Adventure Guide by Brenda Koller (2006)
"Bighorn Sheep Also called mountain sheep or rocky mountain bighorn sheep. Often confused with mountain goats. Brown to pale tan colored with belly, ..."

4. Fifteen Years' Sport and Life in the Hunting Grounds of Western America and by William Adolph Baillie-Grohman (1900)
"... which is said to turn white in winter, and to be possessed of horns a trifle more slender than those of the Rocky Mountain bighorn ; indeed, Guillemard, ..."

5. Building Fluency by Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, Compilation, Gerald Tindal, Melanie Coon, Joy Evans, Marilyn Evans (2006)
"The Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep has long been a majestic symbol of the American West. Today, volunteer organizations work hard to protect the habitats of ..."

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