Definition of Salix herbacea

1. Noun. Widely distributed boreal shrubby willow with partially underground creeping stems and bright green glossy leaves.

Exact synonyms: Dwarf Willow
Group relationships: Genus Salix, Salix
Generic synonyms: Willow, Willow Tree

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Literary usage of Salix herbacea

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States, Canada and the British by Nathaniel Lord Britton, Addison Brown (1913)
"Salix herbacea L. Dwarf Willow. Herb- like Willow. Fig. 1478. Salix herbacea L. Sp. PI. 1018. 1753. A depressed matted shrub, with very slender angled twigs ..."

2. Trees: A Handbook of Forest-botany for the Woodlands and the Laboratory by Harry Marshall Ward, Percy Groom (1904)
"The sub-orbicular type of leaf-form may be found in Raspberry Salix reticulata Pear Aspen Salix herbacea Cotoneaster Hazel Lime Honeysuckle. ..."

3. Transactions and Proceedings by Perthshire Society of Natural Science (1893)
"Ne'er to be as we have been, This the badge for us, we ween— Salix herbacea floreat ! Oreads ! take from j1s, we pray, As remembrance of this day, ..."

4. A System of Physiological Botany by Patrick Keith (1816)
"Salix herbacea (Pi. IV. Fig. 5.); or ovate, as in Salix acuminata; or lanceolate, as in Salix spha- celata; or linear, as in Salix Russeliana. ..."

5. Amid Snowy Wastes: Wild Life on the Spitsbergen Archipelago by Seton Paul Gordon (1922)
"It is not unlike the alpine willow of the high Scottish hills (salix herbacea), but the leaves of polaris have smooth rounded edges, whereas those of ..."

6. Remarks on the Geographical Distribution of British Plants: Chiefly in by Hewett Cottrell Watson (1835)
"Salix herbacea, at 500 yds (?) in Orkney ; 600 or 650 yds in the W. of Invernesshire ; 750 yds in the N. of England. Betula nana, at 500 to 550 yds in ..."

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