Definition of Salix fragilis

1. Noun. Large willow tree with stiff branches that are easily broken.

Exact synonyms: Brittle Willow, Crack Willow, Snap Willow
Group relationships: Genus Salix, Salix
Generic synonyms: Willow, Willow Tree

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Literary usage of Salix fragilis

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States: Canada and the British by Nathaniel Lord Britton, Addison Brown (1896)
"Salix fragilis L,. Crack Willow. Brittle Willow. (Fig. 1177. ... April-May Salix fragilis decipiens (Hoffm.) Anders., with yellowish or red twigs and ..."

2. On Naval Timber and Arboriculture: With Critical Notes on Authors who Have by Patrick Matthew (1831)
"It delights in * It is termed by our professors Salix fragilis, or Crack Willow, from the small branches breaking easily at the junction of the annual ..."

3. Report: New York by Otis Stuart (1904)
"Salix fluviatilis Nutt. Sandbar Willow. (Salix longifolia Muhl.) Salix fragilis L. Salix fragilis X alba Wimmer. Salix glaucophylla Bebb. ..."

4. Proceedings of the American Pharmaceutical Association at the Annual Meeting by American Pharmaceutical Association, National Pharmaceutical Convention, American Pharmaceutical Association Meeting (1880)
"Salix fragilis var. Vitellina.—The results with this wore essentially the same as regarded the morbid excrescences; owing to an accident the experiments ..."

5. Memoirs of the Torrey Botanical Club by Torrey Botanical Club (1894)
"Salix fragilis L. Sp. Pl. 1017 (1753). 1324. Salix fragilis decipiens (Hoffm.) Anders, in DC Prodr. 16 : Part 2, 209 C 1868). Salix decipiens Hoffm. Sal. ..."

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