Definition of Silverstein

1. Noun. United States poet and cartoonist remembered for his stories and poems for children (1932-1999).

Exact synonyms: Shel Silverstein, Shelby Silverstein
Generic synonyms: Cartoonist, Poet

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Literary usage of Silverstein

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Montreal Law Reports: Superior Court by Québec (Province). Superior Court, James Kirby (1887)
"... Adolph Silverstein & Co. to be seized and at once handed ... for the purpose of covering a sale by said B^ Silverstein, to one Rothman ..."

2. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Superior Court of the City of by New York (City). Superior Court, New York (State). Superior Court (New York), Samuel Jones, James Clark Spencer (1880)
"Judgment and order appealed from affirmed with costs. LOUIS Silverstein, PLAINTIFF AND APPELLANT, ». ..."

3. Reports of Decisions of the Supreme Court of the State of Nevada by Nevada Supreme Court (1878)
"Silverstein replied that it was none of his business; that he had said enough to ... She mentioned no name, but her remarks were addressed to Silverstein, ..."

4. Stages to Saturn: A Technological History of the Apollo/Saturn Launch Vehicle by Roger E. Bilstein (1999)
"THE Silverstein COMMITTEE Just before the Christmas holidays, ... Chaired by Abe Silverstein, the seven-man group was known as the "Silverstein Committee. ..."

5. Eminent Jews of America (1918)
"Mr. Kasle was married February 14, 1914, to Miss Pearl Silverstein, and they have one son and one daughter. Mr. Kasle is a member of the Anshe Sfard ..."

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