Definition of Soweto

1. Noun. A large collection of African townships to the southwest of Johannesburg in South Africa; inhabited solely by Black Africans.

Generic synonyms: City, Metropolis, Urban Center
Group relationships: Republic Of South Africa, South Africa

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Literary usage of Soweto

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Re-Visioning Television: Policy, Strategy and Models for the Sustainable by Adrian Hadland, Mike Aldridge, Joshua Ogada (2007)
"It intends to engage with other NGOs in Soweto, specifically in the HIV/AIDS sector ... Soweto TV has been initiating this strategy through engaging with an ..."

2. Voices of Liberation by Ruth First, Don Pinnock (1997)
"The distortions and omissions are serious precisely because Mafeje is, quite rightly, not content to reflect on the issues of Soweto as part of the ..."

3. Identity? Theory, Politics, History: Theory, Politics, History by S. B. Bekker, Rachel Prinsloo (1999)
"... Gender identities and culture: some observations from fieldwork in Soweto Caroline White Introduction Over the past two years a .team of anthropologists ..."

4. New Dictionary of South African Biography by E. J. Verwey, Nelson Mandela (1995)
"He was a leader of the Orlando West Vigilance Association; a member of the defunct Urban Bantu Council before he became a Soweto City councillor; ..."

5. Democracy and Delivery: Urban Policy in South Africa by Udesh Pillay, Richard Tomlinson, Jacques Du Toit (2007)
"THE Soweto RENT BOYCOTT The Soweto rent boycott started in June 1986 and was based on ... A critical contribution of the Soweto People's Delegation (the ..."

6. Violence Against Women in South Africa: The State Response to Domestic by Binaifer Nowrojee, Bronwen Manby, Human Rights Watch/Africa (1995)
"5 A Soweto community leader is quoted as saying: When you leave your child alone in the home she is not safe. And in the street, she is not safe. ..."

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